Our Mission

Love Life Yoga and Wellness Center has been created to provide the community with a peaceful space where everyone will feel welcome and inspired to experience the joy and transformative health benefits of yoga.

Whether you are looking to develop a healthy practice in the physical aspect of yoga, or to deepen your knowledge of the philosophy of yoga, Love Life Yoga and Wellness Center will provide high quality teachings from knowledgeable, compassionate, high quality teachers that will help you feel comfortable and supported.

Through helping individuals develop a yoga practice, we would like to help people realize that many of the answers they seek in life they can find within themselves. We want to help raise confidence, self-esteem, and empower people to have faith in their abilities to find true happiness by deepening their love for their self.

Meet our founder

Our founder, Jessica Milligan - a Riverhead native, is passionate about providing this much needed center to the community of Riverhead and surrounding areas.  Yoga helped transform her life, and she wants to help many in the community positively uplift their lives. She believes everyone should have a tranquil space to connect with the spirit within them - and develop a deeper love for their self and life.

Jessica is committed to helping others achieve inner peace, happiness and transformative wellness through yoga, meditation and good nutrition education. Having achieved her own balance and finding true happiness within, she is dedicated to helping the members of the community do the same.

View Our Classes

We have classes to suit any level and schedule. From beginner to expert, young to mature, you'll find a class to suit your needs and achieve balance in your life.